An Abandoned Cold War Bunker

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A new, haunting collection of images from a time when a war raged around the globe.\The eerie abandoned War bunkers from WWII will draw your gaze and evoke a feeling of lost history.

Explore abandoned World War II bunkers

A video game about exploring an abandoned Nazi bunker.

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World War II bunkers found under Europe Streets

Create a game in which players explore the bunker, but beware! There's dangerous creatures like snakes, spiders, scorpions, and bats which may or may not be dead.

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Urban Exploration, Cold War Bunker ★★★☆☆

The haunting images of the abandoned WWII bunkers is an incredible photography collection of abandoned wartime bunkers left behind in Europe.

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Explore abandoned Canadian nuclear bunker ★★★☆☆

Abandoned cold war nuclear bunker, urban exploration.

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Built by Nazi Germany as a secret military bunker

Live Like a WWII Soldier. Escape dangers lurking in the dark and explore abandoned nazi bunkers and bunkers from other US Combat missions in this action-packed interactive simulator. Click here and escape dangers lurking in the dark and explore abandoned nazi bunkers and bunkers from other US Combat missions in this action-packed interactive simulator.

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Abandoned Cold War Bunker ★★★★★

World War 2 Abandoned Places explores more than bunkers. Come inside and tour the digital heritage of these forgotten battlegrounds, secret hideaways and ghost towns.

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History World War 2 bunkers Cold War ★★★★☆

A museum with a variety of WWII bunkers from around the world.

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A book about the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker

Travel back to the 1940s with this incredible experience. Enter the creepy and abandoned world of an East Coast WWII bunker.

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This is not your average bunker ★★★★☆

Abandoned buildings from wars pass into history without attention. In the case of World War 2, bunkers from World War 2 were left abandoned under buildings of contemporary buildings. In this case, the appearance of these World War 2 bunkers would attract the.

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U.S. Bunker Located By The Sea ★★★☆☆

Europe Streets are visible through the large holes scattered over the surface of the World War 2 bunkers.

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☆ Behind the scenes at the Cold War Bunker ☆

How do you explore an abandoned war bunker? Watch to find out!.

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You can explore the abandoned world war II bunker

Abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker in an old Staten Island neighborhood.

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Take a tour inside a nuclear bunker in Serbia ⚛️

The Cold War and World War II saw the construction of countless bomb shelters and underground military complexes. These bunkers were designed to protect and secure against nuclear attack by Soviet and Nazi forces respectively.

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Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker

Offer the opportunity to take the free online tour of abandoned Cold War bunkers in Europe, or any that are still radioactive today, for FREE for 24 hours.

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See abandoned World War II bunkers ★★★★☆

Under US government designation, billions of dollars worth of WWII bunkers are now partially abandoned. Build your history projects or make-believe adventures or take an eerie stroll through coastal France.

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World War 2 bunkers used to protect from bombs ✭

Find a bunker from the cold war, i.e. from the abandoned cold war, and post a YouTube video from crawling through it.

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